Big sound.

Virtual couch.

Our process is a result of over 30 years of working with a wide variety of audio productions. It’s efficient, streamlined and seamless, leaving you worry-free.

Our Process for Custom Work:

We’ll start with a pre-production consultation to discuss your audio needs, then we will typically…

  • Create a schedule for recording your content
  • Work with your production team to identify audio issues, sound design and music needs
  • Work with your producers to provide temp tracks, SFX, and sound design during the editing process, supplying your editor with audio specs and space to upload files for the mix
  • Recommend voice talent and supply industry standard audio session connections
  • Mitigate common audio issues to deliver the cleanest sound possible from your recordings
  • Provide excellent sound design, mix, recording, and music tracks throughout the entire production process
  • Provide an easy online review, revision, and delivery process.