Big sound.

Virtual couch.

We work with the same state-of-the-art equipment that all the major studios use, except for the couch. You choose your seating from wherever you are in the world!

Our Process:

We’ll start with a pre-production consultation to discuss your audio needs, then we will typically…

  • Create a schedule for recording your podcast content
  • Work with your production team to identify audio issues, sound design and music needs
  • Work with your video editor to provide temp tracks, SFX, and sound design during the editing process, supplying your editor with audio specs and space to upload files for the mix
  • Recommend voice talent and supply industry standard audio session connections
  • Mitigate common audio issues to deliver the cleanest sound possible from your recordings
  • Provide excellent sound design, mix, recording, and music tracks throughout the entire production process
  • Provide an easy online review, revision, and delivery process through our Virtual Mix Sessions.