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The success of your podcast is dependent on listeners tuning in. We’ll help you develop marketing strategies infused with branding that will get you noticed. 

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The Pod Growth Accelerator Plan

The 3-Step Program that will position your podcast for success


Why do I need Branding?

  • Identify your listeners & their top interests
  • Clarify what makes your podcast unique
  • Have consistent, recognizable visuals across all media
  • Establish credibility with your listeners


Why do I need a Podcast Website?

  • Provide listeners with a curated experience that you have total control over
  • Make your podcast more shareable and easier to grow
  • Provide detailed info about episodes, seasons and secondary products/services
  • It’s a place where listeners can discover and engage with you & subscribe to your podcast
  • Have a hub and reference for all online marketing efforts
  • Serve as an online sales tool


What will a Sponsorship Landing Page do for my Podcast?

  • Your Landing Page will be a dedicated link across all social channels that takes prospective sponsors to the specific information they’re looking for about the show
  • Clearly outline relevant selling points and stats that are important to sponsorship prospects
  • Establish a clear call-to-action that will compel them to make contact and close a deal with you
  • And, of course, the ultimate outcome is monetization!

Talk to us about adding marketing to your podcast plan.

Individual Podcast Marketing Services

Web Design & Hosting

Create a place for your listeners and potential listeners to discover everything about your podcast.

Sponsorship Landing Pages

Design a 1-page pitch to potential sponsors and advertisers that provides them with compelling reasons to invest in your podcast.

Podcast Branding

Clearly define your audience and their interests, then match it with your unique position in the market.

Content Marketing

Develop marketing media with messaging that highlights your passion and knowledge to connect with your audience.

Talk to us about adding marketing to your podcast plan.

“When it comes to Audio, you won’t find a more passionate, creative and dedicated professional than Steve Lack.”

—Steve Traversa, Senior Editor and Motion Graphics

“Beyond being a great mixer and audio designer, Steve is a great resource in regards to what is new and fresh in audio. He not only keeps an eye on the industry, Steve is one of the movers and shakers in the industry.”

—Renard T. Jenkins, SVP Warner Media

“Steve is a true professional in the suite. He has a fantastic ear and a great sense of audio balance to bring all the elements together. His technical skills are right on the mark, and his client skills are the best!”

— Paul Markey, Voice Talent

“Easygoing, friendly, calm and confident during those stressful moments that are inevitable in audio post, Steve handles each situation in a way only possible by a true pro.”

— Preston Edmondson, Presto Mastering and Audio Finishing