Podcast Production Packages

OPTION 1: $895

Podcast Success Mapping

For Getting Started & DIY

Who it's for

This package is for you if you’re just getting started or you’ve been winging it on your own & it’s time to polish up your approach. You’ll get some guidance on getting the proper equipment & software, improving your sound quality and the best marketing strategies.

And the cost of the Success Mapping can be applied to the price of our other packages!

  • Pre-session survey to help determine where you are with your podcast or concept.
  • 90-minute consultation meeting
  • Recommend gear to purchase
  • Recommend recording and editing software based on your needs and experience level
  • Process checklist for producing a podcast
  • Recommend podcast marketing approach based on your needs
  • BONUS 30-minute follow-up session to review your first episode and give recommendations for improving sound quality
  • Optional add-on:
    one-hour session to assist in setting up gear and getting proper sound and levels (+ $125)

OPTION 2: $2,300

Podcast Production & Promotion

For the Busy Podcaster who doesn’t have time to do it all

Who it's for

This package is for you if you’ve got some momentum on your podcast and you need a team to provide sound expertise and handle some of the technical aspects of producing your show.

  • All of level 1 plus…

  • One-hour session to review mixing and editing techniques and work with you during the first session
  • Create open and close music and sound design
  • 1 hour of follow-up questions and consultation


  • Voiceover Intro and Outro (+ $250)
  • Subsequent episodes produced for you (+ $800/episode, based on your content and style)
  • Marketing Content Creation Package (see details)

LEVEL 3: $5000+

Full Service Podcast Success 

For Ongoing Production & Promotion

    Who it's for

    This package is for the Podcaster with a body of completed material. You’re ready to produce it and would like to partner with an experienced production studio.

    • Create intro, open, close, bumpers, music, sound effects, and VO
    • Remotely record guests, hosts, and interviews — includes 2 x 1 hr sessions per episode
    • Produce full 10-episode season mixed and uploaded to your podcast host of approximately 30 mins each
    • Includes 1 year of podcast hosting at no additional charge
    • 2 rounds of notes included (1st mix, 2nd mix, final mix)
    • Transcription included
    • Upload to host upon approval
    • Music selection and sound design options reviewed and selected prior to initial production session
    • Live studio space available for clients in Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Nashville and Los Angeles (+ $300/hr.) Other cities available at varying rates as needed.
    • Video Podcasting Production
      (+ $200 – $400/ episode based on video style.)
    • Marketing Content Creation Package (see details)