Thursday, August 29th, 11-12pm PDT

Get More Listeners, Establish Authority and Monetize Your Podcast

This webinar is for you if you’re just getting started with your Podcast, or you’ve been winging it on your own & it’s time to polish up your approach. We’ll go over the 5 Stages of Creating a Successful Podcast, from production to promotion.

    During this Webinar You Will Learn:

    1. How to Develop Your Podcast Concept
    2. How to Clarify Your Goals
    3. Steps to Define Your Brand & Audience
    4. Tips on Production & Content Creation
    5. Ways to Market & Promote Your Podcast

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    Thursday, August 29th, 11am PDT

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    Meet the Presenters

    Steve Lack in the studio
    Steve Lack, CAS

    Steve Lack, CAS

    Steve is a podcast producer, sound designer, audio mixer, and music & dialog editor.

    With the latest collaborative tools and two decades of experience working for major media outlets like Warner Bros Discovery, Nat Geo, al Jazeera and NPR, he’ll bring creative and technical expertise to your project to help you tell your story.

    "If you reach out to me on an unbooked but otherwise beautiful day, you might hear sounds of the Chesapeake Bay in the background as I tend to my sailboat."

    Lindy Bostrom
    Lindy Bostrom

    Lindy Bostrom

    Lindy is the head of Marketing at Steve Lack: AUDIO. She's been helping businesses create, communicate and leverage their brands for over 25 years.

    From Brand Messaging and Promotion to building the perfect podcast website, she'll get your show out in the world so you can attract listeners and monetize.

    "On sunny California mornings (and even cloudy ones) I might be doing a peaceful yoga practice to start my day with a smile. ☺️"