In tone.

The shape of your narrative

Podcast Editing

Podcast Production

Sound quality is critical when you have an audio-only platform. From signature intro music to eliminating background noise, we’ll make your podcast pop. We can also help record your narrative and interviews and suggest tools and techniques for improving your process.

Scripted Podcast Productions

People love stories. And many people get the stories they love by listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

While a majority of podcasts are non-fiction or educational in nature, there are also a lot of fictional stories produced in different genres from comedy to science fiction. They are not only fun to listen to, they are fun to produce!

If you have a story you want to tell, or a script that needs to be produced we’ll team up with you to bring your words to life.

News & Interview Shows

Podcasting has completely changed the way people consume news and information and we help our clients deliver topics of interest to their audience.

Whether you are an independent documentarian looking to tie-in with your latest film, or an expert in any area, we’re here to help you record, produce, edit, book guests and make your podcast available for your audience to listen to.

Television Network Reversions

If you have been tasked with turning your network’s shows into podcasts you’ve come to the right place! Since we started out creating television mixes and international reversions for network and cable TV, it was a natural progression for us to move into taking those same projects and turning them into podcasts.

Working from the stems of your shows we will reversion them with new music and enhanced sound design. Then we make sure they are in podcast spec, which is different from broadcast spec. We’ve done 100’s of these for multiple networks. Let’s talk about your project!

“Steve is great to work with. He gets what you’re going for and runs with it.”

— Nate Delucca, Discovery Communications

Steve possesses a pro-active and curious nature. He always brings new ideas into discussions about our work. His willingness to go above and beyond the call was ever on display.

— Andy Peterson, No Trend Media

“The speed at which Steve can switch gears almost makes it seem like he can read the producer’s minds.”

—Algerson Vincent, Discovery Channel

“Steve is a great team player and collaborator as well as being very detail- and deadline-oriented.”

—Robert Fahringer, Director of Post Production

I love working with Steve. He’s extremely passionate about providing excellent service and giving you what YOU want. He respectfully makes very well-educated suggestions, but always will go out of his way to make sure you’re happy.” 

—Dallas Taylor, Defacto Sound

Steve is a talented collaborator, and I can always count on his input to add flair and interest to the soundscape of our work. Steve was also very conscious of managing costs.”

—Donna Lambertucci, Comcast Digital Marketing

When it comes to Audio, you won’t find a more passionate, creative and dedicated professional than Steve Lack.”

—Steve Traversa, Senior Editor and Motion Graphics

Beyond being a great mixer and audio designer, Steve is a great resource in regards to what is new and fresh in audio. He not only keeps an eye on the industry, Steve is one of the movers and shakers in the industry.”

—Renard T. Jenkins, SVP Warner Media

Steve is a true professional in the suite. He has a fantastic ear and a great sense of audio balance to bring all the elements together. His technical skills are right on the mark, and his client skills are the best!

— Paul Markey, Voice Talent

Easygoing, friendly, and calm and confident during those stressful moments that are inevitable in audio post; Steve handles each situation in a way only possible by a true pro.”

— Preston Edmondson, Presto Mastering and Audio Finishing